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Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

Turkish Dill and Feta Bun (poğaça)

And celebrate Ramadan in style…

During Ramadan we naturally eat more Middle Eastern food in our house, particularly Turkish food. I owe these habits to all the friends & mothers I have known over the year. I didn’t have a Ramadan cooking repertoire under my belt before marriage. Now I do! A mix and match of different cuisines, an exciting mix and very much reflect the diversity in our paths.Continue Reading

Sago Gula Melaka (Tapioca pudding with brown sugar syrup)

Sago Gula Melaka (Tapioca pudding with brown sugar syrup)

{and friendship}

I made this pudding a few months back in the heat of summer. The light back then was much brighter and pure than the greyish colors we are having now. It was hot, and turning on the oven wasn’t much of an option.… Continue Reading …

Continue Reading

In the mood for steamboat (lẩu)

{Delicious Vietnam #15}


I admire people who take great photos of restaurants, or “on location”. I try, but often fail quite badly since it is out of my comfort zone as a amateur photographer. This time, though, I am trying to capture one of my favourite Vietnamese meals!… Continue Reading …