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3 awesome macrobiotic recipes: Fried brown rice, Vegie stew & more!

macrobioticThroughout the years as a food blogger, I have learned the art of online collaboration. Physical distance does not matter as such in today world. Evidence? I wrote two entire cookbooks with Chi Anh, who is in Vietnam. We have even opened an awesome cafe together (the KAfe in Hanoi). So yes, I can safely say that online collaboration is totally awesome!Continue Reading

Vietnamese custard apple (or soursop) smoothie

Oh hi, and Happy New Year!

It has been a while…. This blog has remained silent for the large part of the year after my Europe trip in October. I have been struggling to finish off the cookbook, start a new job while still try to retain my sanity.Continue Reading …

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Spanish style tortilla. Picnic days

Happiness is the first moment of spring, when the first peach blossom is spotted. The air is still cold but the thought of a sunny and warm weather is so promising.

Mr B. has been into hiking recently. A bit of research, and we actually found grassland in preserve in our local area.… Continue Reading …

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